About Me


Effective design requires goals. As your designer, it's my job to understand and help you determine each tactic's goal as we evolve your brand. Your ultimate business objective will remain top of mind.


A passionate career in design aside, I often wish I had attended culinary school. My apple-glazed duck recipe is a favorite go-to. There's no doubt that my eight years living in Paris truly affected this hobby.

Brand Ignitor

Smart messaging, great design and integrated brand creative has the ability to cross all boundaries. Your customers are waiting to hear your story and learn more about your products. Let's tell them together.


My obsession for tinkering with vintage transportation started at a young age with Volkswagens. However, my current project is a BMW motorcycle which I'm transforming into a retro-inspired cafe racer.


Perhaps it's a manifestation of my mechanic side but I seem to have a fascination for exploring visual abstracts by hand-painting floating geometric planes on canvas.

World Traveller

Working with clients in England, France, Germany and The Netherlands has been a rich cultural reward. These experiences made an indelible impression on my sense of art, culture, language and family.

My Creativity

While my aesthetic tastes are constantly evolving, I seem to be eternally fascinated with the boldness of extremes. My work often contains large doses of contrast to capture viewer attention.

Design Nerd

I can’t believe I’m actually admitting this but I fell in love with graphic design from a Duran Duran album cover. The album is called Rio and the minimalist hard-edge style of Patrick Nagel really did it for me. Today, Nagel’s art is considered iconic 80’s kitsch but I still love his Japanese-inspired style and how he incorporated large areas of black and white into almost every piece.

My Analytical Side

Perhaps it was the product of small town boredom but I was that kid who had to take things apart just to see how they worked. Before long, my parents were asking me to repair things around the house, then came cars and engine rebuilds. This passion for understanding systems created a natural transition to working with software engineers. I get a lot of satisfaction taking complex issues and making them visually simple.

We Love our Logo and Website!

“Matt, you are an absolute pro and so fantastic to work with. Thanks for your work on our 150th Anniversary branding project — we love our logo and website!”

Laura Giocomo

Happy and Impressed

“We are so happy with our site and I can’t tell you enough how happy and impressed I’ve been with the process. I had prepared myself to pull my hair out — but not necessary at all! I’d work with you again on any project in an instant!”

Lynne Thielen

The Smoothest Process I've Ever Experienced

Matt helped us reimagine our organization's brand story, logo and website. I've been involved in numerous rebranding efforts in my career and this was the smoothest process I've ever experienced.

Evan Lasky