Creative Services

Generally, all creative services are performed by me. For larger projects, I assemble a team of my favorite pros.
Brand Story Creation

This is a comprehensive review and development of your brand including vision, mission, guiding principles, internal culture and external perception. A new brand story not only helps for marketing and design but allows you to make business decisions that align with your company's products and services.

Corporate Identity (Logos)

This area is my specialty. Coupled with a well conceived brand story, my logo creation skills will yield results in customer affinity. I've also found that well-designed identity (logo) creates a shift in corporate culture and overall internal corporate pride. Brace yourself for a change in your bottom line!


Working with my web team, we've created numerous successful websites with a proud track record of extremely satisfied clients. Most cases call for a mobile-responsive WordPress solution but we have a wide skillset and incorporate best practices for functional and modern user experience.

Impactful Graphic Design

From a digital web banner to a complex printed package, my design experience spans over 20 years. My passion is creating a compelling visual language that is unique to your brand. Websites, campaigns, event collateral, PowerPoint presentations, and infographics are all in my wheelhouse.

Food for Thought Denver

Founders Bob Bell and John Thielen started by delivering weekend food bags to two schools that feeds a family of four over the weekend. Leveraging their 100% volunteer base of community citizens, Food for Thought Denver is now distributing weekend food bags to over 53 schools in the Denver Metro area. That’s about 7,500 bags a week! I’m happy to say that I now sit on this organization’s executive board while providing pro bono marketing support including this mobile-responsive website.
—Matt Bargell, Director of Communications, Food for Thought Denver