Food for Thought Denver website

Food for Thought Denver is a non-profit that feeds hungry school kids on the weekends

Food for Thought Denver website

This pro-bono website project was truly a labor of love for me and my coding colleague, Heather Klee. The organization is called Food for Thought Denver was founded in 2012 by a couple of guys who heard that some Denver area school kids weren’t getting enough to eat, especially on weekend. So they decided to do something about it. Starting with two Denver schools they gathered a group of volunteers and began packing one food bag at a time using non-perishable food stuffs from a local food bank. Fast forward to 2020, they’re now distributing weekend food bags to over 53 schools in the Denver Metro area. That’s about 7,500 bags a week! I currently sit on their executive board and we’re expanding our reach.

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Food for Thought Denver